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The Thangthong Family has lived in the Isaan region (Northeast) of Thailand for more than 5 generations. They have worked the land, growing rice and sugar cane for over 100 years. Aside from agriculture, education is a big part of this family. Wirawed Thangthong has been a teacher at the Government school in his village for over 20 years. His daughter, Kattreeya (owner of KKETP) has been teaching English to Thai children for 6 years. Here is a recent photo of the Thangthong clan!

Thangthong Family

Thangthong Family

Kattreeya Walker has a degree in Business English from Rajabaht University in Udon Thani, Thailand.  She also completed a 140 hour Intensive English Program at Humboldt State University in California in 2008.  She has been teaching English to young Thai students and Thai to foreigners since 2005.

Nancy Young, Ph.D.
US Marketing Director and Educational Advisor

Nancy Young, Ph.D.

Nancy Young, Ph.D.

Nancy has been an educator throughout her career.  After graduating from Stanford University she taught High School Math.  Later, she was a counselor at both the High School and College level.  She was Assisstant Director of Admissions at Stanford and an advisor to freshman students.  Her career also includes corporate training at Hewlett Packard. Since 1994, Nancy has taught a global self-discovery and self-empowerment course world-wide.

Alexander Thangthong Walker (job description TBD)

Peggy Thangthong, Graphic Design & Marketing

Peggy graduated from Rajabaht University in 2009 and majored in Visual Communication & Art Design.  Her artistic skill and creativity add an important and personal touch to KKETP.

Gap Year ad by Peggy


Peggy Thangthong