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Reading books and listening to CDs definitely helps if you want to learn a foreign language, but nothing is more effective than one on one, face to face lessons from an experienced, native speaker.  In addition to teaching Thai, Katt is also fluent in Isaan, the dialect of Northeast, Thailand. Katt is now available on-line via Skype for video Thai lessons.
Option #1: 10, one hour courses cost 120 USD ($12 per hour)
Option #2: single, one hour classes at 15 USD per hour

Katt is also available for face to face lessons at our classroom in Khon Kaen.  Katt is happy to do a free 30 minute class, online or in person, before you make a financial commitment.  Give it a try today!

“I had the pleasure of trying out a Skype Thai language course with Katt and found the experience much better than I thought . It was like having a personal tutor in my home. Katt was patient and was able to change the lessons to suit me. Ken O. (AUS)

“I became aware of Katt as a Thai language teacher after 2 years of living in Thailand (80km from Khon Kaen so too far away for face-to-face lessons) and not having done very well at learning the basics of the Thai language. My confidence in my ability to grasp the language was very low and I was getting to the point where I was reluctant to speak even the little I knew.

With Katt’s help, I’ve improved my vocabulary massively and now feel confident to speak, albeit in fairly simple situations. What is just as important is that I now understand much more of the Thai language I hear around me even if I don’t always have the means at my disposal to make a good reply.

Our sessions are conducted via Skype; two, 1 hour sessions per week. Katt makes the lessons fun and I always end the session with 2 or 3 pages of notes. She’s friendly during the classes and is very forgiving of mistakes, of which there are many!!!!

I can thoroughly recommend Katt as a teacher of Thai! Thanks, Katt.” (Martin L. UK)

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  1. Charlie59 says:

    Hi Katt, I met you in October when I was doing the Boot Camp with Scott. I have been learning Thai by myself now for 3 years but feel I am not making much progress. I think I need a Thai teacher to help me along. I am coming back to Khon Kaen in February and would like as much time as possible before then. Sometime at or after 4pm Thai time would be best. If you don’t have any availability I understand. Please let me know if you are able to accommodate me. I would be interested in maybe 5 hours a week. Thanks, Charles (Charlie).

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