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Thai students enjoying a break.


$900 (1 month)


This program was designed to provide free English language instruction to Thai students who don’t have access to native English speakers.   Also, it was started to offer native English speakers the opportunity to be of service and learn to teach English while enjoying and exploring a different culture.

This “teacher training”program is available in the Isaan region of Thailand (Northeast) in the provinces of  Udon Thani and Khon Kaen.  This area is largely rural though it does have several modern cities with many western amenities.  The local people are unusually friendly and accommodating.

Grateful and Excited Thai students

Grateful and Excited Thai students

Wherever you choose to be of service, your students will have two things in common: tremendous gratitude for your time and attention, and a very low level of English!  Therefore, don’t worry if you have never taught English before.  We will provide you with coaching and simple, effective and fun lesson plans that are already proven to be successful.  You may find your volunteer teaching experience so rewarding that you want to stay in Thailand longer as an English teacher.

The teaching schedule is quite flexible.  A member of our staff who is fluent in English and Thai will accompany you to the school to introduce you and will help arrange a mutually agreeable teaching schedule.  Remember, you will be teaching with a Thai teacher-not alone.  You may choose to teach as little as two hours a day. We recommend that you not exceed 4, one hour classes per day.  Again, this is flexible and is entirely up to you, the teacher.

What do you get for $900?

  • Free transfer from the Khon Kaen airport
  • Accommodation and all utilities paid in full
  • A mobile phone for domestic and international calls
  • Free lunch every day at the school
  • Free Thai language lessons
  • Reasonable access to the internet (depending on location)
  • Lesson plans provided for you and coaching on how to use them
  • A thai teaching partner with you in the classroom
  • you can choose your own teaching hours
  • Weekends are yours to do what you want
  • Flexibility in location (city & rural)
  • Support/help/advice a phone call away
  • Official certificate from the school (great addition to your CV)
  • The fun of exploring a new culture
  • The privilege of being of service
  • The possibility of a new career!!!

The vast majority of Thai schools do not have foreign English teachers.   There is an urgent and constant need for native English speakers and you can help immediately.  Also, you can choose to teach at more than one school during the month long program, or choose to stay at the same school for as many months as you like.  Your host family will be your friends and support.  One member of the family will be a teacher at the school you volunteer at and you will have a bedroom of your own.  Alternatively, you can live alone in an apartment (city locations only).  We look forward to answering any questions you have and welcoming you to Thailand.