One Day Tours

Tours in Khon Kaen City- 2,000 baht  1-2 people(3rd & 4th person add 300B each)

Examples–temple,  music, shopping, KKU, housing & lake.

Tours out of town 2,500 baht 1-2 people (3rd & 4th person add 300B each)

Examples–zoo, cobra village, silk village, Ubon Dam, dinosaur & Paradise Resort.

Combination tours- 3,000 baht 1-2 people (3rd & 4th person add 300B each)

Examples:  Zoo (am), Castle Howchow Resort for lunch & a swim.

Silk Village (am), Kaen Nakhon Lake after lunch.

Ubon Dam (am), 9 holes golf after lunch. Create your own combo!

Most tours can include kayaking for an extra fee.


Temple Tour 2,000 baht

Katt with KKU tour guide interns

Wat Nong Waeng is a nine story Temple on Kaen Nakhon lake. The architecture is fantastic-we’re not aware of another temple of this design in Isaan. On most floors, there are museum style exhibits and the monks are very happy to answer any questions you may have.  Taking photos outside or inside the temple is allowed. There is a panoramic view of the City from the top that is stunning.  We look forward to giving you a personal tour!  This tour can also include other temples depending on your desired itinerary.

Music Tour   2,000 baht

This tour has several different options.  You can learn about traditional Thai instruments & music, or we can show you where you can rent a “jam room” for under $10 an hour equipped with guitars, drums & amps.  Want to lay a few tracks down?  We are good friends with the owner of a well equipped recording studio.  Do you want to know where to purchase instruments or take music lessons?  Maybe you simply want to find out where the best venues are for live music-we’ll show you the best clubs in town.

Animal Tour   2,500 baht


Cobra Village

Kok Sa-nga Village is about 50 km from Khon Kaen city. Take Highway 2 towards Udon Thani, turning right at the 33 km marker stone on to a smaller road (A2039). At the 14 km marker turn right. Follow the signs for Cobra Village, or Ban Kok Sa-nga.  Better yet, we’ll take you there and to the newest zoo in Isaan…a fantastic full-day excursion!

Shopping Tour    2,000 baht

Whatever you’re interested in, this tour is designed to take you to the goods!  There is a massive, new mall (Central Plaza) here in the city, but this tour could find you in remote places, too.

Silk Tour   2,500 baht (Chonabot village + a stop at the Turtle Village)

Silk Deluxe Tour 3,500 baht (Chonabot silk + Chaiyaphum silk)

Katt wearing a hand-made, traditional Thai silk outfit

Katt wearing a hand-made, traditional Thai silk outfit






Khon Kaen University Tour   2,000 baht

Enjoy an intimate tour of this beautiful, massive campus. KKU students know their university best, and at least one will accompany you on this 1/2 day personal tour.

Housing Tour   2,000 baht

Whether you want to explore classic Thai style homes around Khon Kaen or actually need to find a place to stay, this tour is for you.  We can show you every conceivable housing option and we can translate/negotiate on your behalf.

Thai Cuisine Tour    2,500 baht

This tour begins with lunch (several dining options available) and ends with dinner at Teo Lamai restaurant; the best Thai restaurant in Khon Kaen in our opinion.  In between, there is a Thai cooking class designed around your learning preferences.

(Please note: we don’t have an actual cooking school. This a brief cooking experience for a 1-3 people at our home!)

Ubolratana Dam Tour   2,500 baht

Dinosaur Tour   2,500 baht

We will take you here, but be sure your insurance covers injuries related to T-rex attacks!

Kaen Nakhon Lake Tour 2,000 baht

Farming Tour   2,500 baht (day trip) 5,000 baht (overnight)


Katt dwarfed by her family’s sugarcane crop.

This tour takes you to Katt’s village in rural Udon Thani where her family have been farming for over 100 years.  Maybe you are interested to start a farm of your own?  This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the secrets to a successful harvest!



Your Tour!!

Where do you want to go in Northeast, Thailand?  If you have a destination in mind that’s not listed here, we will make your trip happen.