Overnight Tours

(Prices for 1-2 people or small family-larger groups can be accommodated)

Chiang Khan – 6,000 Baht Enjoy this beautiful city on the banks of the Mekong River in Loei, province. We depart Khon Kaen around 10am and stop for lunch in Chum Pae. From there, we head North and stop for an hour at a beautiful National Park (optional) before arriving in Chiang Khan in the afternoon.  After checking into your room (included in the fee), we’ll take you downstream briefly to enjoy a gorgeous scenic viewpoint on the Mekong. Then it’s back to Chiang Khan for dinner, after which the night is yours to explore alone.  We leave Chiang Khan the next day at noon and stop in Loei city for an hour to explore whatever you wish.  Please contact us for further details, or with questions.

Castle Howchow Resort: 5,500 baht
Castle is simply stunning…please see the video on this page.  This overnight package includes 1 room (1,200 baht value) and all the amenities Castle has to offer.  Also, this tour includes a stop at the famous King Cobra Village.  Contact us for more details.

Katt’s Home Stay in Udon Thani, Thailand

Nong Khai Tour: 6,000 baht On the way to The Mut Mee Guesthouse in Nong Khai, we will stop at Katt’s home for a complimentary lunch and an intimate view of village life.  After checking in to your room in Nong Khai, we’ll take a brief tour of this charming city on the Mekong River.  A dinner on a riverboat is included as well as your accommodation.  The next morning, Nong Khai is yours to explore.  On the way home, we can either stop at Katt’s home again, or dine at a lovely riverside restaurant in Nam Phong.  As with our other tours, we can make other stops should you wish to customize your trip.

Katt’s Home Stay- 5,000 baht (1-2 people/1 room–extra room add 1,000 baht) This tour leaves Khon Kaen at noon and includes a stop at the new zoo on the way there, or coming home (optional).  We get to Katt’s Home Stay in the late afternoon.  After getting settled in, it’s really up to you what happens next.  Your options include learning about any aspect of village life (temple, monks, farming, silk making, Thai guitar making, handicrafts etc.), or just sitting on the 2nd floor deck enjoying a cool beverage.  This goes for the morning, too.  Katt is at your disposal to give you a tour, however, if you want to venture out solo, that’s okay.  The price includes the zoo tour, all meals and accommodation.  This is a great chance to experience rural Isaan with Katt who is fluent in English & Thai.